JOE J. CHEN, D.D.S., Inc.
Cosmetic and General Dentistry
16297 Harbor Blvd. Fountain Valley, CA 92708

Patient Testimonials

Gen P 05/22/2017
Wonderful experience ! Beyond happy with Dr Chen! Moving my brothers here too! I came from western dental (prob the worst Place ever ) did research and found this gem. If you are looking for honesty, attentive, and caring place ? Make an appt here you will not regret it!

Jenny N 02/23/2017
My boyfriend and I just recently went in for a routine checkup and cleaning. Dr. Chen was really great. He explained everything to me in my X-rays and did a thorough job cleaning my teeth. No cavities yay! I can finally say I have found a dentist that I like and will be returning to. His staff is also very friendly and professional which is a huge plus for me!

Laura C 02/15/2017
Dr. Chen is an absolutely amazing dentist. I have had a few services done there and each time it's been a great experience. Just recently I went scheduled an appointment because I wanted him to evaluate my wisdom tooth because it was bothering me, next thing you know he said I'll remove it in a few minutes. I went into panic mode and thought it would hurt but after he number the area I did not feel a thing. I was not even sore after. It was all done in a short amount of time. I had previously went to several dentist for some other items I need done and their estimates ran for thousands of dollars because they said I needed all these extra services done, luckily Dr. Chen said no I can repair the previous work and he wasn't trying to add services that I felt were unnecessary. I truly believe he is a great dentist who wants to help you instead of taking your money like those big corporate dental offices.

Gina J 08/12/2016
Absolutely wonderful staff, starting from receptionist to assistant and Dr. Chen... very professional and kind. We all go there and very happy with their service. Even our kids and my little nephew who is 4 years old felt very comfortable with them and didn't cry! I'm so glad that i found them. Thank you

Yusra Y 11/06/2015
Got all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed here yesterday. Getting your wisdom teeth pulled is not a pleasant experience, but Dr. Joe made my experience as comfortable and pleasant as possible. In my experience it is difficult to find an honest dentist, and that's why this dentist is truly a gem.

Jenn N 7/19/2015
I came here for a routine cleaning. The office is a bit older but very clean and welcoming. After filling out the required paperwork, I was seen promptly and the procedure went very smoothly. Dr. Chen and his staff are extremely professional and nice. This was my first visit but I will definitely be returning!

Jimmy 3/9/2014
I've been here several times. Parking is easy. The receptionist, dentist, and assistant are super nice.

Fabian 11/7/2013
I've been coming to Dr. Chen's office for over 10 years. He is a patient, kind, caring, gentle dentist. I've had root canals and extractions done here. His staff is very friendly and with every visit I've felt welcomed and comforted. Dr. Chen Is very calm and mild mannered. His voice is very soft and somehow reassuring. I highly recommend Dr. Chen.

Christina H 5/14/2013
Dr. Joe Chen has been my family dentist since I was 1988 (since I was 5 yrs old). That's 25 years right there! My chart is probably the oldest chart in there. Joe is honest and professional. He is a man of few words, but his hands are extremely meticulous. It's rare to find such trustworthy dentist these days. He's really a gem! ;)

Lily 4/6/2011
I have been to this dentist for 10 years now. He is super quiet and seems almost shy. He does a great job at cleaning teeth. I trust him more than any other dentists I've been to in the past. He is thorough and just seems so honest. Dr. cleans my entire family's teeth and a few of my aunts and cousins. I would definitely go to him. The only thing I don't like is that, I always clean my teeth and I'm freakish about that and he always tells me to floss more. I floss once everyday, sometimes every other day, but I would say i floss more than most. I brush my teeth 3 times a day and they are white but he still tells me I need to clean more. Ugh...

Peter 7/10/2010
Great dentist. After a nightmarish experience at Gentle Dental, I decided to give Dr Chen a try for a "second opinion". He laid out my options in a clear and detailed way. I decided to go ahead with a Root Canal (Endodontic) procedure with Dr Chen. He is very detailed in his work, very honest and upfront with the patients. Equipment is modern and the overall atmosphere is well-maintained and organized. Billing is clear and honest, unlike other dentists. Both the receptionist as well as the dental assistant are friendly and helpful. I highly recommend Dr Chen's office for any dental procedures.

Diko 12/16/2008
I was mortally scared when I was told I had to get two root canals. Dr. Chen was warm and friendly like a sweet grandpa! He sat down w/ me and explained very carefully and clearly all parts of the procedure. He assured me that I would feel nothing other than the shots to numb my gums and he was right!! The staff was very friendly and welcoming and everyone knows what they're doing. 100% Painless Dentist!! Very careful and steady and thorough. After a few weeks of working on my teeth, they looked and felt as if nothing had ever happened to them in the first place! Highly recommended.